Insurance Disputes

A Dedicated Attorney Helping Colorado Residents Win Insurance Disputes

One of the most frustrating things we deal with in life is faithfully paying expensive monthly insurance premiums, only to receive pushback from the insurance company on the rare occasion when we call on them in a time of need. Rather than being our advocate, they instead make it difficult to receive the coverage rights and compensation we’re entitled to. Unfortunately, it is all too common that insurance companies don’t honor their side of the contract. They may delay payment, don’t pay enough to cover the policyholder’s losses, or even flat-out deny valid claims. In instances like this, we encourage you to retain legal counsel to investigate whether a lawsuit against the insurance provider is a proper course of action.

Fighting “Bad Faith”

Insurance companies are in business to make money, and their adjusters are trained to identify ways to minimize payouts. In addition, insurance policies are filled with vague and complicated verbiage, making it difficult for policyholders to argue on their own behalf. Insurance companies rely on this as a basis to reduce their payouts and deny claims. This is all considered an act of “bad faith”, and unfair to you.

Have you experienced any of the following instances of “bad faith” by your insurance company?

  • Continually reaching out to your insurance company asking for information on your claim with no success or progress
  • Waiting months to receive a check on an undisputed portion of an insurance claim
  • Waiting months to receive your full claim check
  • Having a claim denied without an explanation of the denial

The Pizzuti Law Firm Can Help

Did you know that on average, injury victims collect an average of 40 percent more in compensation simply by consulting with an attorney about their legal rights, and an average of 3.5 times more in compensation if they hire an attorney? Insurance companies know this and therefore do not want you to hire an attorney. If you’ve been in a situation where you are seeking compensation from an insurance company, do not sign any documents or accept a check without first consulting with an experienced attorney. The insurance company will rush you through the process of settling to prevent you from collecting adequate compensation for your claim. The Pizzuti Law Firm has a proven track record of aiding victims who have been unfairly denied by an insurance provider, and we will take on any insurance company on your behalf.  We have the expertise to handle your bad faith insurance case and we’re ready to fight on your behalf to get you the benefits and settlement you deserve.

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